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An industry report covering: 62368-1 | Peak Power | Ruggedisation | Redundancy | Efficiency | Quality

Powering audio’s ‘must-haves’: compliance, fidelity and resilience

Your audio equipment must continuously deliver premium sound fidelity, often in harsh environments and always
with compliance to latest and emerging legislation. Find out how the right power supply can help you meet these critical demands.

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A small selection of popular Sunpower solutions for the audio industry
19″ rack mount power

Our 1U low profile 19” racks all have hot swap facility allowing users to replace modules as their system requirements change whilst the modular format also accommodates redundancy operation. Interface protocols include I2C monitoring & control and PMBus serial communication. With active current sharing on all models. A max system power of 24kW can be achieved with multiple racks.

Open frame power

Available from 5W to 400W and ranging from 3.3VDC to 48VDC our open frame power supply range also includes PCB mount and green mode versions. Choice of single, dual, triple and quad outputs with 12V Aux options also.

Modular PSU

35 different output modules ranging from 75W to 300W for single output and 100W for dual output. Systems can be configured to offer a wide range of different voltage rails ranging from 1.6VDC~53VDC. This allows for easy configuration of a solution for a vast array of desired output requirements.

Encapsulated Power Supply

Conforming to high temperature and shock & vibration specifications. These power supplies allow for a multitude of differing applications, particularly in harsh or demanding environments.

Dual Redundant

Hot Swappable, Dual Redundant power supply systems which allow for continuous operation in mission critical environments.

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Providing power solutions since 1995

As the UK arm of a Taiwanese manufacturer, nobody is better placed to answer your power supply requirements. We believe this unique close link raises us above all others in the market place.

Sunpower Electronics Ltd are approved to BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and our factories are approved to both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001. As a group our aim is total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Those that buy in small volumes have always been forced to buy through distribution channels. Although UK distributors generally have products available in stock you may have to pay higher prices for the convenience and often loose the technical support and advice available through the manufacturer.


    Knowledge and experience

  • Premium brand focus

    We already provide power solutions to leading businesses within the audio industry

  • Custom build solutions

    Our range of power supply products covers a variety of applications and industries.
    We have everything you need for your custom build and design power supply needs

  • Manufacture

    Approved to BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015 our aim is total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement; our factories are also approved to both ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 ensuring you receive an unsurpassed level of service

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